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Are you looking for a chance to help the games industry grow and to help todays junior talents become the greatest game developers? To work close with Sweden’s most successful game studios? Then why not join Sweden’s best Game dev education and our Futuregames Crew in House of Change!

We are currently looking for a new headteacher to take responsibility as our primary mentors for Futuregames 3D graphics.

We want you to have minimum 5 years hands-on commercial experience and a good network within the games industry. You are ready to work 60-100 % flexible time and adapt your schedule according to student needs. We also do prefer it if you continuously will be taking assignments within the games industry, i.e. freelance missions, as we promote our teachers to stay up to date and well connected.

At Futuregames you can build your personal brand as a mentor to the industry and really make a change to the next generation of game developers as no other education in Sweden works this close with this many leading game studios.

You will be the bridge between a batch of 70 yearly junior artists and the industry with our partner game studios. Futuregames is a popular education that only takes in top talents and the average experience of our students on day one is 2-3 years of game studies. This gives you a great way of boosting your professional network and build a close connection with students and the industries next generation of game developers.

You will have a great amount of freedom under responsibility as a head teacher at Futuregames, you control your own schedule as long as it follows the need of Futuregames students educational plan. It is a perfect position for any game developer wanting to have the freedom to start their own at a side our just work on a freelance basis.

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