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About TMF:

In an environment of ever increasing globalization we provide professional services in 80+ countries to help our clients operate across borders. Whether entering a new market or driving in country growth we ensure they stay focused on their core business, taking the stress away from their accounting, legal and HR responsibilities.

We are embarking on an ambitious growth plan which will be achieved through strong organic growth, the entrance to new markets and completion of acquisitions. This provides a truly dynamic work environment to build a successful career and see a tangible impact from the work that you complete.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Distribution of external mail among the staff members;
  • Booking train or flight tickets, hotel rooms and cars rental, if needed;
  • Revises the documents from colleagues, before sending to be signed by the management, keeps records of management’s time-sheet and ensures that TMF work procedures are followed accordingly;
  • Prepares the contracts, additional act, proposals for clients, based on existing or updated templates;
  • Ensures that promotion materials stock is up to date (presentation brochures, letterheads, envelopes, etc.);
  • Prepares various reports weekly (e.g. CRM database, Compliance report, Productivity report,) requested by the management team;
  • Monthly updates the Business Continuity Plan, Sales Activity file, Mailing List and other requests from the TMF Group Marketing Department;
  • Ensures that the files regarding the electronic signature for new clients are up to date and complete;
  • Performs various translations from/to English, at the request of the management team;
  • Ensures the signing of electronic statements for the clients;
  • Prepares the Client Acceptance Forms (CAF) for new clients, exit sheets for leaving clients etc.;
  • Searches for information regarding potential clients, feeders, etc.

Key Requirements:

  • University degree;
  • Good English command;
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office package;
  • Sociable and communicative person;
  • Organized and committed.
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  • About The Company Spot On was founded to help people find their dream job, and help employers find their dream candidates. We believe that social responsibility toward the community is an essential duty, ours is focused on finding the fit job for individuals with an Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and people with impairment Surviving business environment is becoming more challenging than ever, which creates the need to possess all the skills necessary to grow the business and dominate market place. Unlike traditional recruitment and sourcing agencies, our focus is more on the talent acquisition process, it’s more about the proper identification of the skills needed and the recommendation of proper candidates. We are not just a recruitment company that’s after providing candidates and getting the revenue.  Our true focus is about minimizing the turnover rate of employees by identifying the needed skills, recommending the proper candidate and if needed, developing the needed skills in the candidate as well as the community through cooperation with governments and local entities.
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