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Scope Of Work: Under the general guidance of Reservations/Revenue Manager or delegate responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the Reservations Section. Job Responsibilities: 1. To have a full knowledge of the Opera, GDS, CRS, Synaxis, fax, email and telephone systems. 2. To ensure that all phone calls are answered promptly and efficiently, in accordance with the Front Office policies and procedures. 3. Has full knowledge of all hotel policies, procedures and standard operating procedures for the Reservations Section and ensures Reservation Agents follow the same. 4. Handles incoming reservations received through telephone, fax, email or internet and responds to all requests as per policies and procedures and ensures all Reservation Agents follow the same. 5. Controls and updates room availability. Observes and keep track of reservations trends for purpose of yield management. 6. Prepares reports as requested: the daily reservations and weekly forecast report etc. 7. Double-check the daily arrival, cancellation, no-show, and VIP reports for accuracy. 8. Processes amendments and cancellations and updates in the system accordingly. 9. Updates files by putting together old and inactive files and stores these items for possible future reference. 10. Has a good working knowledge of the companies, other hotels, local information and details of special services likely to be needed by guests. 11. Has a complete operational knowledge of the hotel, including geographical layout and services provided. 12. Has a complete knowledge of special package rates, restricted dates. 13. Checks new accounts and new rates and checks accuracy of all contracted rates inputted in the system. 14. Maintains a database of all the regular guests and accounts. 15. Actively promotes the service and facilities available to guest/callers within the hotel. 16. Does emailing of hotel packages and promotions by email shots. 17. To actively source, develop and pass on if required any sales leads and potential clients for the hotel. 18. Develop and maintain a regular patter of telesales calls. 19. Maintain positive working relationships with all bookers to obtain feedback for improvements to develop the business. 20. Liaises with the Front Desk on all special guest requests. 21. To demonstrate the 12-Service Excellence Basics and ensure that all Reservation Agents follow the same. 22. Keeps updated in all hotel activities, facilities, industry development and new product in the market. HR Responsibilities: 23. Conducts performance evaluations as required regarding colleague probation periods, annual performance reviews, promotion or transfer consideration and salary reviews. 24. In conjunctions with the Reservations/Revenue Manager establishes comprehensive training programmes for the Reservations Team. 25. Evaluates departmental training sessions. 26. Personally conducts training for all Reservations Agents as required. 27. Attends all hotel trainings as required. 28. Adheres to all HR and hotel policies and procedures. 29. Continually strives to improve self; knowledge and skills. Financial Responsibilities: 30. Has full knowledge of the methods of payment accepted by the hotel. 31. Maximise revenue by suggesting selling all hotel facilities if appropriate and ensures all Reservations Agents follow the same. 32. Actively participates in energy saving and recycling initiatives and ensures that all Reservations Agents follow the same. General Responsibilities: 33. Attends departmental meetings and daily briefings as required. 34. Ensures that the appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform and appearance are maintained at all times. 35. Strictly adheres to the hotel?s Policy on Confidentiality and Ethics. 36. To actively participate in all EHSMS requirements. 37. To carry out any additional tasks and projects as requested by the Reservations/Revenue Manager or delegate.

Job Requirements

Competencies & Skills Essential Ethics/Integrity Guest Focus Dependability Adaptability/Flexibility Desirable/Preferable Impact & Influence Learning and Continuous Development Communication Skills Decision Making Personality Traits Essential Confident Energetic Outgoing & Friendly Desirable/Preferable Patient & Kind Sense of Humour Self Motivated Knowledge & Language Essential Basic Working Knowledge of Property Management Systems Basic Working Knowledge of CRS and Revenue Management Systems Advanced Spoken and Written English Desirable/Preferable Basic Working Knowledge of Social Media and e-Marketing Basic Working Knowledge of Market Intelligence Basic Working Knowledge of Local Competitors Differences & Trends Education Essential High School Graduate Desirable/Preferable Industry Based Certifications Experience Essential Minimum of 2-Years Experience as a Reservations Agent in Hotels Desirable/Preferable Minimum of 1-Year Experience as a Reservations Agent in 5 Star Hotels Experience Working in Hotels within the UAE

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