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Like our slogan states “we stand stronger when we stand together”
are you a small/medium size employment company? Do you wish to have other branches for your company? did you ever want to expand and cover different cities in Poland and more countries in Europe?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you are at the right place, join us now as one of our elite partners and let us help you to be part of a larger network to reach and help more people all over Poland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Greece, Norway, Sweden, …etc and so many other countries all over Europe, Africa and the MENA Region.

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Talent Acquisition


Talent Planning & Strategy

We take a deeper look at the nature of our client’s business and understanding the future needs that may arise to plan and be prepared to accommodate these needs which will lead your organization to be in the lead of the industry you are serving


Talent Segmentation

We help you to identify the skills, experiences, and competencies that each position requires for success.


Employment Branding

The company brand is a key attracting element for talents and clients of course. A positive image, working environment and culture is currently considered one of the top elements talents and top candidates review before considering the company for employment. We will be giving them a look inside at what’s like to work in your company.


Talent Recruitment

• Sourcing & Screening
• Testing and accessing candidate’s skillset
• Shortlisting
• Interviewing


Talent Relationship Management

Building new connections, joining new communities and getting to know new candidates, building an ongoing business relationship, continuous communication and collaboration & calibration with our candidates, to offer them the fit job as soon as it arises.


Talent Acquisition Process Continuous improvement

We help you to have a close monitoring and tracking of key metrics to drive continuous improvement to improve your talent acquisition process, improve the success rate and minimize your turnover.

Talent Development


Talent Development for Soft Skills

We train your talent on the soft skills needed by your customers to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction


Talent Development for Six Sigma

We train your talent on how to deploy six sigma to ensure a continuous improvement of your overall organization continuous improvement.

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