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What Makes us Special

Our value proposition and key differentiator doesn’t come from fancy words, it comes from a deep and practical understanding not only of the industry but the essence of the industry. We don’t just follow the normal standards, we create them and change them. We do know that we are not re-inventing the wheel here, but we are making it way better in a larger scope and much more valuable to any employer than recruitment, when talking about talent acquisition vs. recruitment it’s more like talking about a tree vs. an apple.

Spot On provides a variety of Talent Acquisition and Development management and consultation services that enhance our client’s day to day performance in the various business processes in their organization.

Technical Edge:

Top of the notch user friendly and HR systems friendly cloud based portal.

Our website is customized and accessible for everyone to ensure we do what we say and provide an equal opportunity.

Addition of a video CV

You don’t see the candidate in the screening phase, you see the candidate from day one through video Curriculum Vita’s which enable the maximization of the acceptance rate and minimize the turnover in hiring.

Multi Lingual website

Now language is not a barrier anymore, the website will be in English and for other languages ” Coming Soon

Team Experience edge:

Spot On team experience covers a vast range of industries serving BPO’s “Business Process Outsourcing” & SSC’s “Shared Service Centre”

Spot On team experience in the deployment, consultation, and management of Business Process Outsourcing’s & Shared Services Centres’ according to the standards of ISO “International Organisation for Standardisation” and COPC “Customer Operational Performance Centres”.

Cost edge

In line with our key message. Our performance indicator is based on candidates and client satisfaction not the bottom line.

A realistic percentage as a cost for our services which is very competitive in the market.

High Success rate as we will be providing the candidates list fitting for job which will minimize the cost and turnover rate.

Time Limited Offer

Hurry up and Join our network Now.

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Phone : +48 660 762 309